Lazada’s mid-year super live press conference

As COVID-19 restrictions eased in Thailand, Lazada hosted the first ever Mid-Year Super Live Grand Show as a prelude to their Mid-Year Super Sale. As well as a three-hour event featuring performances by Thailand’s hottest superstars, the Super Live Grand Show hosted a total of 3,500 sessions created by 1,000 sellers and KOLs, all competing for the best viewership, engagement and sale conversions. H+K Thailand supported Lazada with a virtual press briefing for business and marketing media. This was followed by an evening face-to-face press event for entertainment media, where they could interview Thai superstars taking part in the Super Live Grand Show.


Despite ongoing health concerns and social distancing requirements, 50 journalists from 22 top-tier entertainment outlets joined the face-to-face press session. Due to H+K Thailand’s strong media relationships and follow-up efforts, the event generated an impressive 155 clippings in leading online and offline media, worth 31 million baht in PR value. Furthermore, Lazada’s key brand messages were repeatedly incorporated in media’s Super Live coverage due to H+K Thailand’s development of a well-designed message house, distilling key numbers and statistics surrounding Laz Live’s performance into memorable soundbites allowed Lazada spokespersons to hit their key messaging repeatedly. This, alongside an attractive accompanying infographic with easy-to-understand content, ensured Lazada’s desired headlines and content were accurately represented across Thai media.

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