Starbucks-Coffee Romance 1A global leading coffee chain  organized ‘Coffee Romance’ media workshop to reinforce its coffee expertise leadership among emerging of coffee industries and local coffee boutiques in Thai market through brand’s unique experience. Our challenges were the brand did not have any new products to launch to excite the media as well as a short period of preparation to host it closed to Valentines’ Day.      H+K team proactively approached client PR recommendations with lifestyle angle to draw media engagement coincided with Valentine Day by demonstrating Starbucks’ love and passion for coffee in a compelling manner and also promoted Starbucks stores as third place for romance destination under the theme “Coffee Romance” workshop.
Starbucks-Coffee Romance 2The activities were implemented with integrated gimmick of love elements reflecting passion to the coffee to excite and attract media to ‘shoot & share’ on their social media which generates 35 social media posts throughout the event. The brand successfully reinforced its coffee expertise leadership among coffee industry through brand uniqueness  and well integrated with the demonstration of Starbucks’ love to coffee and third place concept which was the central of human connection.