Set against the backdrop of Thailand’s Digital Economy strategy, Microsoft Thailand launched its Microsoft Innovation Center (MIC) that is relocated at the facility of NSTDA. The launch generated over 40 pieces of coverage; more than 93,000 in social media impressions; and prominent headlines by top national dailies such as ‘Ministry joins hands with Microsoft’ by The Nation, ‘Sowing the seeds of technology’ by Bangkok Post.
Technology_Thailand_Microsoft Innovation CenterThe launch seeded Microsoft with a Bloomberg TV interview opportunity, in a feature about Thailand that is reinventing itself in the digital age. H+K used this opportunity with Bloomberg TV to focus on Microsoft’s role and partnership with the government to empower the Digital Economy by fostering innovation and nurturing young Thai talent.
To do this, H+K and Microsoft seeded spokespeople such as a promising local startup founded by MIC graduate interns and current MIC interns. Microsoft’s key spokesperson was amply prepped by H+K prior to the interview to ensure effective communication of Microsoft’s local impact key messages and relevant industry facts and figures to demonstrate local market understanding.
H+K planned content amplification ahead of the feature going on air to leverage the channels’ following and maximize the exposure gained through Microsoft’s owned channels. Since the video went ‘live’ on, the broadcast feature has generated over 20,000 in social media impressions.
Technology_Thailand_Microsoft Innovation Center 2

Authored by: Yupapone Vorapongsukonth