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The Global Studio is made up of a networked group of creative + design studios located across H+K. From New York to London, Sao Paulo to Toronto our studios bring to life the communication campaigns we develop for our clients.

Our Studios are at the heart of H+K’s concurrent approach. You’ll find content + publishing strategists working alongside film directors, content creators working with digital planner and data analysts working with designers – all focused on the same client-centric goals. Whether it’s creating a new identity or a full-length documentary, an exhibition stand or the latest interactive experience, the studio is all about smart ideas delivered with the highest levels of craft and production expertise.

Brand Identity

From a start-up to a FTSE 100 company all kinds of things drive rebrands; a changing audience, cultural shifts, a new CEO or moving into new markets.

Our work ranges from a campaign identities for product launches through to complete rebrands for corporations; running change programs and revamping the all kinds of startups and SMEs.

Brand Content

Our brand content take our ideas to the world. Working alongside our content + publishing strategist we ensure the that right content is delivered in the right place at the right time.

Our teams work ranges from short form content; social posts, to mid-weight content to keep the conversation going and longer form content such as ads, brand documentaries and films.

Brand Experience

When recommending brands, 75 percent of people only do so for those in which they’ve had great personal experiences. We create these experiences that people remember; designing physical experiences people explore and digital ideas people share.

From mobile experiences to websites, launch events to exhibitions and pop-ups to global tours our design teams and producers have delivered experiences across the globe.

The H+K Global Studios

Berlin. Dallas. Dubai. London. Madrid. Milan. NYC. Oslo. Sao Paolo. Shanghai. Toronto.

To learn more about The Global Studios and our work visit The Global Studio Portfolio.  

Simon Shaw

Global Chief Creative Strategy + Innovation Officer

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