Hill+Knowlton Strategies launches COVID-19 Intelligence + Advisory Communications Team (I-ACT) in Asia

A holistic Covid-19 response offering designed to help organisations effectively respond and navigate this complex business operating environment

June 24, 2020, Bangkok – In response to businesses and organisations across the world struggling to find their role and purpose during these challenging times, Hill+Knowlton Strategies (H+K), one of the world’s leading public relations firms, has launched I-ACT Consultancy in Asia. Designed to mitigate risk, build reputation and accelerate growth, H+K’s Intelligence + Advisory Communications Team provides clients with the intelligence and integrated communication services necessary to navigate this complex business operating environment presented by COVID-19.

COVID-19 has created new challenges for communicators. Strong economic, social and geopolitical headwinds require agility, resiliency and highly specialized communications strategies as companies fluctuate between reactive adaptation, proactive reinvention and prosperity in the new business normal.

While working with clients to effectively respond to the current circumstances, our experts observed and identified a constellation of business operating environment typologies. Categorizing businesses into these typologies ensures our I-ACT consultants focuses on delivering expertise and counsel tailored to the specific challenges brands are experiencing.

As companies cycle through these changes, we believe that a communications foundation focused on risk, reputation and growth will continue to help brands achieve sustainable long-term business performance. Businesses need to understand and respond to this environment in different ways and use communications as a tool to help them successfully adapt in this new business landscape.” said Hill+Knowlton Strategies President of Asia, HS Chung.  

“Bringing together local regulatory expertise with global insights, our I-ACT consultants will help clients address complex communications challenges brought about by the pandemic through a suite of expert services to maximize cumulative business recovery performance and prepare for a new business reality post COVID-19. The I-ACT framework in Asia primarily focuses on three key areas of Business transformation: Behavioural Science, Better Impact, Employee Communications.

H+K’s specialist behavioral insights and strategies team helps clients to apply the science of human behavior to understand, engage and generate actions among their key audiences – including during moments of critical change and vulnerability brought about by COVID-19.

Designed specifically with COVID-19 in mind, our experts provide council, support and expertise on: Research + Message Testing and Behavioral Change Programs. Our experts combine quantitative & qualitative research and message testing with behavioral science to identify the best way to ensure your message is interpreted in the way you intend. Behavioral science identifies effective strategies to embed a behavioral change.

H+K’s Better Impact™ is a performance strategy designed to help businesses and brands understand how they can effectively integrate responsible initiatives into their business and growth strategies, empowering them to have a better impact on people and the planet. Through this offering, H+K will provide brands with guidance and expertise to find solutions in the areas of environmental sustainability, corporate philanthropy, gender equality, community engagement, supply chain and NGO partnerships.

H+K’s Better Impact™ Consultants will help brands identify new relevant areas of purpose connected to the business and will provide strategic frameworks to develop responsible initiatives that help brands implement, own and convey their CSR and sustainability programs with credibility and real impact.

H+K has offices in more than 40 countries worldwide, delivering award winning campaigns to clients across all sectors and disciplines and with a focus on continued innovation for the industry. Recent innovations include Flight School +, a crisis communications training and simulation tool and H+K Smarter™, a behavioral science unit.

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