Shell-SHOCShell launched its Shell Helix Oil Change+ (SHOC+) under the theme: “More Than Just an Oil Change” – in an attempt to demonstrate its position as the leading oil change station in Thailand. SHOC+ marked its first 100 branches in September 2015, but had attained only average levels of awareness.
H+K recommended that Shell increase understanding of the SHOC+ difference by holding its first-ever press event to celebrate the 100th branch. The event aimed to reinforce Shell’s positioning as an expert in the engine oil business and market segment leader. It also served to educate media and consumers on the unique services offered at SHOC+ stations.
In addition to developing targeted messaging, H+K arranged the inclusion of celebrities to attract consumer attention during a panel session. This was extended into a mini-concert after the press session to generate online conversations.
With post-launch sustainment through feature articles, the one-month reach was nearly 132 million in circulation, successfully reinforcing Shell’s leadership in the market.
Shell-SHOC 2