Energy_Thailand_Banpu support Thai agriculture (CSR)
As part of the company’s sustainability initiatives, Banpu PCL, a Thai mining and power company with regional presence, supported the launch for the ‘Khao Samorkhon Organic Sinlek Brown Rice’ brand. The success of the organic rice farming process stems from a 3-year long close collaboration between Banpu, Khao Samorkhon municipality and farmer families of Ban Kao Samorkhon, Thawung District, Lopburi, Thailand.
‘Sinlek’ rice seeds, planted by Khao Samorkhon farmers, were discovered by Thailand’s Rice Science Center of Kasetsart University Kamphaeng Saen, Ministry of Science and Technology, and National Research Council of Thailand.  The grain contains special traits of higher minerals and antioxidants, and is claimed to reduce risk of diabetes.
To create awareness for the Thai rice product and demonstrate the ‘Banpu spirit’ of collaboration, H+K Strategies Thailand planned and executed a series of visits to top-tier Thai publications such as Bangkok Post, Post Today, The Nation, Thai Post and Krungthep Turakij. During these visits, H+K and Banpu PCL brought with them packs of the Khao Samorkhon Organic Sinlek Brown Rice – with the intention of providing editors and journalists a chance to try the new rice product. The media visits were also intended for Banpu executives to cultivate and enhance media relations.
Members of the media showed clear interest in the product, providing suggestions on how Banpu can explore more avenues to promote the rice brand as well as partnerships for similar sustainability initiatives. The initiative generated close to 30 news articles worth more than 4.9 million baht in PR value, which drove 20% of the new orders placed since the launch of the product.