H+K Beijing and H+K Thailand recently teamed up to promote a popular Chinese costume drama the Sleuth of Ming Dynasty and support iQIYI (China’s leading online video platform) to expand its impact in the Thailand market.

With H+K’s expertise of social/digital communications and OTT industry, a mix of social media KOLs and media outlets were selected to best promote this drama and increase local fans’ brand loyalty. Due to strategically leveraging KOLs’ impact on social media, #รัชศกเฉิงฮว่าปีที่สิบสี่ (#theSleuthofMingDynasty in Thai) peaked on Twitter Trends in Thailand.

The content developed by H+K received over 6.1 million online reach with over two million video views and 92,331 engagements on Facebook and Twitter. A total of 11,029 clicks led fans to iQIYI app from Facebook, which shows the campaign truly transformed local audiences into iQIYI fans, looking forward to watching season two of the Sleuth of Ming Dynasty.