Client work – Microsoft

As the world continues to find new ways around the impact of COVID-19, H+K Thailand recently worked with Microsoft to stage its first “hybrid” press briefing in the country. The session, an annual sharing of perspectives and plans for the country from Microsoft Thailand Managing Director Dhanawat Suthumpun, was previously held in the form of a luncheon that offered top-tier media opportunities to fully engage the Microsoft executive up close and personal as they share a meal together. For this year’s edition, the session was held in two parallel formats with journalists freely able to choose whether to attend physically or join remotely via Microsoft Teams.

The session saw Microsoft Thailand Managing Director Dhanawat Suthumpun exploring the pandemic’s impact on Thailand’s economic prospects and job market before discussing trends and behavioral shifts in the use of technology for post-pandemic life and work. When lunchtime came, even the media participating from home and their offices could join in with delicious meals served and delivered to everyone in Thai-style ‘pinto’ boxes bearing Microsoft’s brand colors.

The session was attended by major business and tech outlets with a nearly even 50-50 split between physical and digital attendees, generating 24 pieces of in-depth insights into Microsoft’s skills-driven vision for Thailand’s economic revival.

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