Microsoft bloggers experience the best Windows with super devices

H+K worked closely with Microsoft to craft a  creative, yet engaging workshop that lets IT influencers to experience the new Windows10 Anniversary Update features first hand and use them to solve puzzles to escape a locked room.

After the presentations, bloggers were separated into two teams to tackle puzzles in two locked rooms. Inside, they used Surface tablets to find their way through each riddle and communicate with Microsoft representatives hidden away in each room through wireless screen casting and handwritten notes on screen. The first team to emerge from their room received prizes for their effort.

A total of 15 bloggers attended the event and the feedback from them was very positive, with many posting live updates to their personal social media from inside the Escape Rooms. Bloggers also highlighted they were glad to experience Windows 10 in such an unconventional manner. Their social media  activity led to a new Twitter impressions record for Microsoft’s blogger engagement sessions with 3.4 million impressions in total generated from the evening’s activities.

Sector: Technology
Office: Bangkok

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